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Whilst it's great it's great to add extra room to your home, a loft conversion can also add value onto your property. Additional rooms can really drive the price of your home up, which is great if one day you are looking to sell up. Experts claim that a well installed loft conversion can add an average of £20,000 onto your home's value - so why not call us today for a free quote?

There's no doubting that a loft conversion is a great addition to any home. Whether you're planning on using it as a bedroom, a study, or even just an additional living room, a loft conversion can really change the way you live. But why opt for a conversion over an extension? The primary reason is that a loft conversion doesn't eat into your garden space, and you're only using space that was going unused anyway. To top it off, a loft conversion doesn't require any planning permission, so we can get to work on improving your home without any worry of any red tape getting in the way!


At BMD Roofing, we're specialists in loft conversions, and have been transforming homes throughout Bedworth, Coventry and Nuneaton for over 10 years. For more information or a free quote, simply call us today.

Giving Your Home A New Lease Of Life

Add Space, Add Value

•  Enjoy additional space

•  Add value to your home

•  Benefit from our competitive prices

•  Get an accurate pricing with a free


•  Avoid moving costs

•  Improve your views

Reap The Benefits:

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Transform Your Loft Into Inhabitable Space

Are you wasting valuable space in your home by using your loft for storage? Whilst the property market is at its worst, many modern homeowners are opting to convert their loftspace into an extra room to avoid the stressful and expensive moving process. Why not make the most of your loft, with a professional loft conversion from BMD Roofing?

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